The Best Fitness Tips You Probably Forgot About

Knowing what’s good for you and actually doing it are two totally separate things. And, after an exhausting workout or a long day at the office, we know how easy it is to just zone out and plop on the couch. But, there are a lot of simple tweaks you can make throughout your day to boost your health and your mood — whether you're at the gym or the office.
One of our favorite tricks is also the simplest, and is probably something you’ve heard a thousand times (but easily forget): Sit up straight. Good posture works wonders, from reducing back pain to building core strength. But, how can you be expected to straighten up when you’re exhausted? A simple trick: When you feel yourself starting to slump, pretend someone just spilled a pitcher of water down your back. Sounds weird, but it works.
If you need something a little more concrete to remember your posture, just take a look in the mirror: The seams on your shirt can be a perfect way to check yourself for a straight back. If the stitching from the neckline to your shoulders is straight, you’re in the clear; if it's turned inward, you might want to give that water trick a try after all.
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