A Fiction Feast! 9 Meals Based On Your Fave Books

I have a great appetite for good books and good food, so the idea of pairing the two forms of consumption in Fictitious Dishes was too good to resist. The meals in the book range from the iconic to the obscure, and from the delicious to the disgusting. I enjoyed the necessary reading and cooking I did for each photo, but gathering the various props was an unexpected delight. I loved hunting it all down — doilies, salt shakers, ashtrays, you name it. Sometimes joyous and fun and other times surprisingly grueling (no Oliver Twist pun intended), the process of creating Fictitious Dishes took me on a culinary romp through literature — and I invite my readers to share in the fun.
If our Sartorial Book Club feature wasn't a big enough hint, we're pretty bookish here at R29. So, when we came across Dinah Fried's amazing book, Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals — a collection of 50 photographs of meals from celebrated literature — we couldn't look away. Ahead, check out our favorites & order the book here!

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