Fetherston’s Doll Army, Allen Smiles for Chanel, and Sugar Rushes on Delivery

amlinks-070209Chanel releases a behind-the-scenes shot from Karl Lagerfeld's photoshoot with Lily Allen for a forthcoming handbag ad—the Kaiser crowns a Queen. (Chanel)
More details on the troubled times of supermodel Karen Mulder and the consistent charges of sexual abuse brought against casting directors, photographers, and agents industry wide. (Jezebel)
We think we've had enough of Vampires for the moment. We're switching over to mummies. (NYT)
For $1, an artist will deliver a100% sugar crack-cocaine substitute in a dime bag to your house while wearing a mascot head, tuxedo, and white gloves. Now that's what we call a "Deal of the Day". (Animal)
For your green wedding, how about a recycled paper wedding dress? You can always craft it into "Thank You" cards after your honeymoon. (Set Your Style and The Cut)
Eric Wilson takes a trip to Project No. 8. (NYT)
Kanye West is interning at the Gap. Apparently he's always wanted to know the right way to fold a pair of jeans. (The Cut)
"I made a story in my mind where the captain of the toy solders is in love with the music box ballerina. They wake up and night and have a little hanky panky and spawn a doll army."—Yep. You guessed it. It's Erin Fetherston talking about her inspiration for her fall 2009 collection. (The Daily Beast)

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