This Is Our Jam Premieres: Fenster, “Spring Break”

Berlin/NYC-based trio Fenster likes throwing around the genre "weird-pop" to describe the band, and after watching the new video for "Spring Break," you'll understand why. Animated by German artist Florian Sänger, the video traverses an acid-addled alternate universe where things start strange and spiral out of control from there. Along with a bath-salts-spiked beach party, we're treated to mutants, magic rings, and seriously psychedelic imagery, all set to the song's deceptively calming '60-inspired sound. Harmony Korine's new movie looks downright normal compared to this.
According to the band's YouTube page: "Remember when life was simple? When religious rock bands channeled the voice of God and MTV teetered between the dark arts of Marilyn Manson and tasteless beach parties where people partied until their brains fell out and their clothes disappeared and nobody cared because the world was gonna end in the year 2000 anyway?!!! Join FENSTER for the spring break of your life. Where Barbie rules, zombies are real, and the Kool-Aid is tainted by a crazy mastermind surf gang of pure evil..."
We're not sure if we remember the '90s exactly like this, but we'll leave it to Fenster to reimagine the decade for us. Watch the premiere of the trippy video below...if you think you can handle it, man.
Fenster — Bones "Spring Break"
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Photographed by Maxime Ballesteros

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