Party In Your Pants: The Beauty Product That’s Got Us Blushing

Beauty products for below-the-belt aren't usually something that gets a lot of attention from us (unless, of course, it involves fox fur and feathers), but when we saw this grooming set, we knew we had to post on it, if not for the name alone. The I Love My Muff Maintenance Kit is an all-in-one set to keep your hoo-ha looking its best. The Blue Kit, which includes 10 wipes, a wash, a spray, and a lotion, is made with "an invigorating blend" of lavender, clary sage, and patchouli. Not sure if you should be freaked out or intrigued by having an invigorated vajayjay ? Us too, but the Green Kit takes its cues from traffic lights — meaning "go." Get it girl. We don't know if we totally get what's going on here, but I Love My Muff products are vegan, paraben- and fragrance-free, so how bad could this revolution in your nether regions be?

I Love My Muff Maintenance Kit (Blue), $42, available at Ron Robinson.

Image: Via Ron Robinson

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