I Decided To Conquer My Fear Of Cooking Meat, Once & For All

Photographed by Ted Cavanaugh.
Every week, I go to the grocery store to purchase my sustenance. And every week, my basket gets filled with the same items: cucumbers, a container of burrata (always), bell peppers, salad greens, and avocados (if they're on sale). Pasta, grains, bread, and eggs are purchased as needed. Other proteins and greens? Also bought when on sale. Rarely will I decide, Sure, I'll make steak tonight.
Unlike some friends who only ever make steak, to me, meat is a scary, foreign food substance. I'm perfectly happy eating a juicy steak or a roasted chicken — if someone else preps it for me. But if I'm making dinner for myself? Blame it on my irrational fear of getting a tapeworm, but I tend to stock up on vegetarian items first.
Of course, I am a grown-ass woman. As such, it might as well be time for me to get over this ridiculous fear. So I reached out to some real pros (professors at the Culinary Institute of America and the International Culinary Center) to get my facts straight and learn how to cook beef, chicken, and pork.
Hate cooking meat? Click ahead — some of this might help you get over this food fear, too.

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