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Faye Webster Wants Her Music To Make You Feel Understood

Welcome to The Come-Up, where rising Gen-Z talent checks in on their way to the top. Here, in partnership with Genesis — maker of the newly redesigned G70 — we sat down with singer-songwriter Faye Webster to talk her genre-bending fourth album I Know I'm Funny haha, the unexpected hobby she took up three years ago, and how she just wants her music to make you feel seen.
Photography by Faye Webster.
Name: Faye Webster 
Age: 24
Hometown: Atlanta
Pronouns: she/her
Sun Sign: Cancer
Phone background: Picture of Boothlord 
Where you’ve seen me: Playing music mostly from [my third album] Atlanta Millionaires Club and my new record I Know I'm Funny haha.
Where you’ll see me next: Back on stage again somewhere…finally!!! I'll be touring the East Coast in September and the West Coast in February!
Photography by Faye Webster.
Cause I’m passionate about: Voting rights!! I’m trying to find a way to use my platform to support other causes, whether that’s giving away proceeds of certain merch items, or working with organizations like Fair Fight or Headcount.
Fictional character: Mikasa <3 from the TV series Attack on Titan
Comfort food: Sushi 
Role model: Françoise Hardy 
Song I know all the lyrics to: "Tribute" by Tenacious D
Hobby: Yo-yoing. I've been playing for almost three years now. It's a really cool community once you dive into it. I've met a bunch of my good friends through yo-yo, and it just generally makes me happy.
Three items I can’t live without: Sunscreen, water bottle, Nintendo
Curse word: SHIT!
Pet: A fish I named Micah
Couple I stanned: Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical
Teen show I loved: Hannah Montana
Performance story: I played a song in a completely different key, and my band kept playing it in the key it was originally supposed to be in — for three whole minutes. We sounded so bad.
Time my alarm goes off in the morning: 11 a.m.
Time I saw myself represented in music: In Julia Jacklin’s “Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You," she really captured a thought process I often find myself thinking about but had never heard anyone express so perfectly before.
Show I binged: My Hero Academia
Movie I saw: A Quiet Place II
Book I read: Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
Person I texted: Pistol, my bandmate 
Weird Instagram buy: A planter shaped like Oddish 
Last time I felt proud of myself: An hour ago when I won a game in ping pong
Photography by Faye Webster.
How I want to change the world: Even the small things can matter more than you think. I try and change the world by making any aspect of life just a little less shitty. I focus on gestures and actions that can change someone's outlook on life for the better or even picking up some trash outside — small things add up over time.
How my generation will change the world: I want to learn as much as possible and pass it down to the next generation. It's important to understand that I can be a positive influence on others and set a good example.
How I want my audience to feel… I want them to feel understood. It's nice when you feel like you can relate to something. It’s nice when a piece of art shows you that you're not the only one going through it.
Dream duet: Blake Mills. He's always been one of my favorite guitar players, and his style is so authentic. I've learned a lot just from watching and listening to him and it would be cool to see how that would play into a song together.
If I weren’t singing… I’d be working on creative direction for other musicians. 
Dream dinner guest: Ellen Van Dusen 
Success looks like… Happiness in any shape or form.

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