Fashion Puppies, Knock-Off Alex Wang Sunnies, And Oprah Gives It Up

Well, that's one way to recycle your old Birkin handbags. Moschino Cheap & Chic fall 2010. (NY Mag)
The best dressed dog south of 14th St. (Luxirare)
Love the futuristic cat-eye Alexander Wang sunglasses but can't bear to shell out a few hundred dollars for something you'll lose in a few days? Forever21 has got you covered. (Cat Party)
Versace fall '10 is like the hottest superwoman convention, ever. (Jak & Jil)
What's better than consignment Chanel handbags? Consignment Chanel handbags that used to belong to Oprah, of course. (Frillr)
"I have a plan for next season. Since they are all about my height, I am going to impersonate one of them. I am going to wear a doily on my head and tell everyone I am a teen blogger. If they ask why I am so wrinkled, I will tell them that I have progeria." —Simon Doonan's next season, front-row strategy. (GQ)

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