What Does Your Style Say About Your Politics? A Lot, Actually

Style and politics seem like two domains that would hardly be related. Elephants and donkeys alike love a great pair of shoes, and we can all unite behind a hatred of drop-crotch pants. But, apparently, the two are surprisingly linked, as we found out in a poll we hosted with Poshly. The results are in, but we've still got a few questions, namely: Are you surprised by these results? Why are the furthest left- and right-leaners more likely to shop at J.Crew than any other, more moderate group? And, what is it about Alexa Chung that rubs conservatives the wrong way?
Check out the results on the next page, and tell us your theories in the comments.

Images: Courtesy of Poshly.

Our best explanation here is that Alexa Chung is more of a New York phenom than anything else, and since NYC is obviously more liberal than not, it makes sense she wouldn't have much of a conservatice audience. And, the moderate love for Reese Witherspoon makes sense, too — she's lovable but not much of a risk-taker. We're a bit stumped by the rest, though.
This next bit has got to be the most surprising trivia of all. We're guessing this has partially to do with age — ASOS being mostly geared at young women, a group which tends toward the left. But, still, we'd expect higher numbers for the massive online retailer across the board, since there's literally something for everyone on its site. Forever21's popularity is mostly understandable; though, we're still surprised it's so popular in the "Very Conservative" group. Perhaps the low numbers among hard-core liberals are due to its questionable labor practices?
Images: Courtesy of Poshly.

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