Scary: Introducing The Hunger Games For Supermodels

Guys. Guys. Condé Nast (Yes, that Condé Nast) has launched a, uh, video game about — get this — fashion. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried. The game, aptly titled Fashion Hazard, combines role-play and storytelling, challenging players to conquer the catwalk in New York, London, Paris, and Milan.
Fashion Hazard users begin as Ellie Reburn, a Kansas-bred model at the bottom of the Fashion Week totem pole who has just moved to NYC. Her goal is to make a runway round-trip without tripping, losing her balance, or falling flat on her face, all of which is made more difficult by having to dodge flying objects and fend off creepy photogs. Once "Ellie" makes it through New York, it's on to tackle Europe, where the game gets harder and the stakes get higher (a cell phone-throwing Naomi Campbell, perhaps?). Once players have conquered overseas, they move on to the next level, where they become a new, more experienced model. And on it goes...
We're not exactly sure if Fashion Hazard will be our newest after-work activity, but we do love when the industry defies the stereotypes so often associated with it. The idea of Anna Wintour a "fashion girl" also being a gamer? Well, it sorta warms our hearts.

Photo: Courtesy of Condé Nast

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