5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 27 2011

The sickest Halloween costumes come courtesy of the biggest names in the fashion biz. Did you expect any less? (Fashionologie)
It's not easy being really, really, ridiculously good-looking — Ben Stiller shows the serious side of Zoolander, and talks about the sequel. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Shopping malls are closing down Target and Old Navy stores to making room for gun ranges and go-carts. Wait...what? (Wall Street Journal)
Christian Louboutin's new book came out yesterday. In it, celebs dished the dirt on their fave shoe guru's 19-year career. Like the story about that time he ate lunch with Kristin Scott Thomas in his underwear. Yum! (Elle)
Plain old jack-o-lanterns just won't do this year. Jack up your Halloween with these rad pop culture pumpkins (although we still prefer fashion pumpkins!). (Flavorwire)
Photo: Via Fashionologie

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