Fashion Catchphrase "NAGL" Was Coined By Pace Students In 2007

We were just sent an interesting email from Athena Gonzalez who claims that she along with a group of 16 orientation leaders from Pace University coined the phrase " NAGL " in 2007 to describe incoming freshmen who looked less than stellar. And like any good code word, "We would always say “NAGL” [Not A Good Look] and no one understood what it was or where it came from. Years later…. We never thought it would become so renowned.  We just want to let you know that we should be accredited with starting the term; otherwise it would be a huge NAGL. " Well, there we go. Every time you surreptitiously acknowledge the bad-looking-ness of someone's outfit, make sure to tip your proverbial hat to the catchphrase pioneers from Pace.

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