How To Win At Fantasy Football — Even If You’re A Beginner

Designed by Ariel Davis.
Whether you're a season-ticket holder or a once-a-year-only-for-the-halftime-show spectator, we're willing to bet you've watched at least part of a football game before. From the screaming crowds to the thrill of a touchdown, it's easy to understand why there's such a fandom surrounding the sport — and why some take things to the next level with fantasy football.
While it's a world that's still largely thought of as a boys' club, a third of fantasy sports players are women, likely due to the friendly competition and sense of community that playing brings. But fantasy football still holds a ton of mystery for most; the biggest misconception being that you need to be a football expert to play.
In advance of this year's football season, we sat down with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football analyst Liz Loza to learn everything about playing fantasy football — from drafting and honing a winning team (yes, even as a beginner) to finding your niche community online. Ahead, a crash course in starting your first fantasy team. Clear your shelves to make room for a trophy; your rookie MVP days are almost here.

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