The Best New Face Peels For People Who Are Terrified Of Face Peels

As a sentient human in this world capable of executive reasoning and bipedal locomotion, it's normal and healthy to question everything around you. What is the meaning of life? Why is the sky blue? How is babby formed? How did Kobe Bryant manage to win an Oscar in the age of #TimesUp? Why the hell is a face peel called a face peel if the face does not actually peel?
Where there are questions, there are answers... sometimes. The sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering, and the comparatively short wavelengths of high-frequency blue light. And face peels get their name from their origin, which is as chemical treatments that, in their most potent, medical-grade form, will actually cause the skin's surface layer to blister and peel away, a process that will eventually reveal fresh new skin underneath. (Unfortunately, those other inquiries remain open-ended.)
Today's face peels, particularly the kind you can do at home, are powerful but gentle, sloughing away dulling dead cells without the raw-meat side effects of the peels that give peels a bad name. They're safe and easy enough for the uninitiated to approach them without fear, but they don't skimp on efficacy, either. And, most importantly, these new formulas keep your face skin where it belongs: on your face.

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