The Director Of “The September Issue” Moves On To Chick Flicks?

It's rare that a "fashion" movie gets it right; either the protagonist is so air-headed and ditzy we can't help but root for her eventual financial crash, or the clothes look like they were picked out by the styling team at Libby Lu. However, upcoming film Fabulous Nobodies seems like a fashion movie that might have some legs.
Set in the late '80s, the story follows a 20-something NYC door girl, Reality Nirvana Tuttle (with the appropriately It Girl nickname, "Really"), as she mans the door at nightclub Less is More and decides which "nobodies" are fabulous enough to enter. Julie Anne Quay, former Executive Editor at V Magazine who optioned the movie rights, told WWD that the movie is "Emma meets Clueless" (never mind the fact that Clueless is actually a modern take on the Jane Austen title). Oh, and with The September Issue's R.J. Cutler helming the director's seat, it's sure to be a fashion-filled movie as over-the-top as Sex and the City (but hopefully with a plot line that actually makes sense). Now...who has your vote to play Reality? (WWD)

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