Rad Or Bad: Brow Tattoos

Eyebrows are subjected to trends as often as lipstick formulas or your skirt lengths, but unlike wearing a miniskirt, tweezing your brows can come at a cost. Sometimes brows just don’t grow back as we age, causing us to look even older than we actually are (no thanks!). Hair loss from alopecia, thyroid disorders, or chemo can also result in bare brows, and for those of us who are not as blessed in the brow department as Camilla Belle or Lily Collins, we have to resort to alternative maintenance methods. Latisse isn’t intended for brow use, and pencils, powders and waxes get grating – what’s a gal to do?
Brow tattoos! Permanent tattoos on the brow line can get a little weird-looking with age, but we’re commitment-phobes anyway. Enter, Semi-permanent tats. These use natural vegetable dyes, are becoming popular around the world, and can last up to two years (when the next brow shape should be all the rage). They're not cheap, though: Browhaus NYC offers a semi-permanent brow service, the Brow Resurrection, for almost $1,000. The treatment is painless, but still, is it worth it to not have to draw your brows on every morning? Two women test the service out over at YouBeauty and give us their opinion, but what say you on brow tattoos? To the comments! (YouBeauty)

Photographed by Ian Reid

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