Save Big Bucks By Making Your Own Amazing Eye Gel

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Undereye brightening sticks and cooling gels seem to be among the most coveted skin-care products this season, and for good reason: They help diminish dark circles and puffiness to achieve a more energized and refreshed look. This time of year, with later nights out and seasonal allergies contributing to our eye issues, I decided I needed to find a solution to tackle the dark-circle dilemma. Creating an easy, three-ingredient DIY recipe, I'm giving access to a quick treatment so you can avoid sorting through countless product reviews or spending a fortune on expensive spa treatments. Because the skin under the eyes is notoriously thin, darkness and puffiness show up easily. It’s important to make sure this area gets the gentle, tender-loving care it deserves to help maintain a bright, taut, healthy appearance for as long as possible. Treating the undereye area is all about the trifecta of feeding, healing, and moisturizing the skin — three simple things to remember. Feed your skin with important nutrients and antioxidants, like beta carotene and vitamin C (found in aloe vera). Heal the area with ascorbic acid (found in cucumbers), which will help decrease water retention and puffiness. Cucumbers also have silica, which protects against free-radical damage for a young and vibrant complexion. Lastly, moisturize and protect from UV rays with vitamin E. Sayonara, dark circles, and hello, summer selfies.
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Indie Lee’s Cooling Eye Serum

Ingredients & Supplies
1/2 organic cucumber
2 inches of a ripe aloe vera leaf or 1/3 cup organic aloe vera gel
2 drops vitamin E
Blender or food processor
Small bowl
3 oz air-tight jar
Small makeup brush or cotton pads
1. Wash cucumber and aloe vera leaves thoroughly. 2. Peel cucumber and cut it into thick slices. Blend the cucumber in a food processor and strain its juice through a cheesecloth. Set strained juice aside. 3. Extract the aloe vera gel from the leaves by peeling one side of the leaves with a vegetable peeler and then scooping out the “flesh” or transparent, gel-like substance with a spoon. You’ll want about 1/3 of a cup of aloe vera flesh for this recipe. 4. In your food processor or blender, combine the strained cucumber juice, aloe flesh, and vitamin E, and blend on a high setting until you have a smooth consistency. 5. Transfer mixture to an air-tight container, like an old makeup pot or travel bottle, and store it in the refrigerator. 6. When you’re ready to use, apply the gel under your eyes with a small makeup brush. Or, for a soothing, spa-like treat, soak cotton pads in the mixture and place on top of closed eyes for 10 minutes.

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