Ex-Victoria Secret Wings Designer Is Now Making Astronaut Suits For NASA

Ted Southern used to be the guy Heidi Klum would go to to construct her 20-foot-tall feather wings for Victoria's Secret or her infamously complicated Halloween costumes, but now that he's recently won $100,000 in a comeptition to design new astronaut gloves for NASA, he's shifted his attention from sparkly bikinis to space suits. Whether it's a wing breaking off during mid-walk or a helmet popping off during mid(-lunar)-walk, both jobs require can't-fail engineering (though only one calls for proficiency with a bedazzler). Ted says he'll miss working with Heidi—but not so much with Gisele Bundchen. "She's really tough," he said to the NYPost. "She's always screaming, 'What the f--k is this?'" (NYPost via Racked)
Image via Helayne Seidman at the NYPost.

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