Ew Alert: Clothes That Are Grown Out Of Bacteria

Suzanne Lee, a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Fashion and Textiles at Central Saint Martins in London, has developed a technique for creating a cellulose material from a stew of yeast, bacteria, and sweetened green tea. The Biocouture brew solidifies over time, and the wet layers can then be formed and dried into material that's able to be composted. Separate pieces can even grow over each other to "stitch" themselves together. Lee uses natural dyes to tint the cellulose and a metal oxidation technique to embellish the looks. The resulting styles vary from a Victorian ruff vest that looks like it was made of prosciutto, to a "studded" Rockstar jacket you probably couldn't move your arms in. Whatever the form, it's got huge—but gross—potential. Tear off a sleeve? Grow a new one! With bacteria fashion, your clothes will be as alive as you are, but so much grosser. (Ecouterre)

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