Evan Rachel Wood Dishes On Why She “Bathes” In Olive Oil

Seriously, could Evan Rachel Wood be any cooler? In addition to being an all-around ah-mazing actress, red carpet style star, and beauty daredevil, ERW also manages to be one helluva brand ambassador. In the sexy new Gucci Guilty Intense fragrance ads, she smolders alongside superhero hottie Chris Evans. There was so much sexiness in that one ad it felt almost NSFW. But anyway.
We had the chance to sit down the striking star to chat about her beauty philosophy, the designers she can't get enough of right now, and why she takes olive oil baths (!!).

You're always trying out some fab new beauty look on the red carpet — what's your beauty philosophy?
"I just want to have fun. When makeup artists work with me, they're always really excited, probably because I have such pale skin that you can basically do anything with it. I'm very open to trying new things and I love collaborating with makeup artists and making something that's creative and like art. Something cool!"


Have you picked up any cool tips from the beauty pros you've worked with?
"Well, the olive oil thing was a revelation..."

Wait, what olive oil thing?
"Just washing your face with olive oil, or using olive oil-based things. It's been the best thing for my skin — I have really dry, sensitive skin. I like, bathe in it. [My skin] is so soft — it's amazing."

Who is your biggest beauty icon? Who inspires you?
"Tilda Swinton comes to mind. Her whole androgynous thing is amazing, just such an inspiration. I really love some of the older gals, like Debbie Harry — the whole glam rock/punk rock chicks. And Old Hollywood girls. I kind of blend the two with the rock-'n'-roll edge and the old, classic Hollywood glamour."

Okay, truth time: Long hair or short, which is better?
"There are things I love about both, but oh god, I just LOVE the short hair. It's so much easier! And fun. It really changes your whole attitude. You get a little tougher — it definitely brought out the tomboy in me. I don't think I realized what a tomboy I was until I cut my hair and I was getting away with things that I couldn't before, like wearing suits."

Some people think that short hair gives you fewer styling options, but you always seem to rocking something new and interesting.
"I work with an amazing hairdresser and seriously, my hair changes every day. It's crazy — I wake up and it's a totally different thing, especially because it's always growing and you're constantly cutting it and reshaping it. And it always grows back, so don't worry about it!"

Your co-star in the Gucci Guilty ads, Chris Evans (swoon) has said that you are very mature for your age — you're only 24! What do you have to say about that?
"I’ve gotten that since I was a kid, but I think it’s just because I was around adults more than kids my whole life, and I have been working since I was I was little — in a business setting, but also in an artistic setting — so I was always around artists and filmmakers. I got to travel a lot — that’s an amazing way to get life experience and learn. I am still really young but I’ve definitely lived really fast! Sometimes it’s hard to relate to people my own age, but I’ve had such a crazy life; it’s been so fun!"

Obviously you're sporting the Gucci today, but are there any indie designers you're really into now?
"Alessandra Rich, Preen, Giles, Edie Parker for bags. My new favorite designer right now is Roland Mouret."

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