Get To The Gym & Back In Comfy Clothes You Won't Want To Hide

If you've been racing from your car to the treadmill hoping no one will notice the frayed bottoms of your yoga pants or the hole in the arm of your had-it-since-college pullover, it might be time for an upgrade. Luckily, The Shop @ Equinox can help. They've just shared some sneak-peek pics of their spring '12 boutique offerings, including sweaters from De Rigueur, and they're a perfect, grown-up way to be comfortable. All of the pieces in our slideshow will be available at The Shop @ Equinox starting this Sunday, but we bet they won't be there too long after that, so be quick! You were in a hurry to get comfy anyway, right?
The Shop @ Equinox, 1750 North Clark Street (North of Eugenie Street); 312-254-4000.
Photo: Courtesy of M Richards Public Relations

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