Enter To Win A Sweet New Bike And Kiss That Claustrophobic Commute G’Bye!

With elbows in your face on the subway, questionable smells rising up from breakfast carts, and traffic so bad you might as well live in Hoboken, getting to work in the morning can be, to put it lightly, a pain in the ass. Enter Brooklyn Cruisers, a new NYC-based vintage-inspired bike line that'll get you where you're going in style. The sleek build and white tires keep the vehicle chic, but its two speed kick-shift hub (a fancy way of saying you can stop by shifting your weight backwards) makes it super easy to ride around these always buzzing city streets. Okay, so you may not be whipping through the cars like a full throttle maniac, or even peddling like Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("no breaks, can't stop, don't want to either"), but we bet you'll much prefer this cool ride to the unwashed man reading your texts over your shoulder. Pick one up for a reasonable $499 in Park Slope—at 718 Cyclery, 461 7th Avenue (at 16th Street); 347-457-5760—or, if you live in Manhattan, have one delivered fully assembled right to your door.
Want an even cheaper option? Enter to WIN a Brooklyn Cruiser on our Refinery29 Facebook page by telling us why you just gotta have the hot wheels (under the post) and one could be rolling up to your door in no time!

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