Tim Gunn Cheats, Men Wear Hello Kitty, and Cutrone Writes a Girl’s Guide

grey-gardens-styleThe Beales of Grey Gardens—the wildly dysfuntional family that keeps on giving. (WWD)
Topshophas already run into some trouble as some on the blogesnets claim they ripped off another label for its now famous freebie tote. WHATEVER! IT"S OPENING!!! (Racked)
New York has decided against a luxury tax that would have made jewelry over $20,000 even more expensive. Thank goodness. Now we can go out and get those Harry Winston grills we've been eyeing. (Luxist)
Tim Gunn cheats on New York with that strumpet, Los Angeles. (Jezebel)
Kelly Cutrone is writing a girl's guide to growing into a powerful woman, which we will buy. (Observer)
Ladies, if your man will wear Hello Kitty men's briefs, then you'd better either dump him straight away, or hold tight for the rest of your life. It's all about context. (The Frisky)
Out of the mouths of babes—   twelve-year-old girl says about magazines what we're all thinking. Yes, it's Tavi. (FashionCopious)

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