3 Edible Shot Glasses Your Summer NEEDS

As a child, no movie affected me more than Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. While I was impressed that Wonka mixed his chocolate "by waterfall," it was that little edible cup Gene Wilder takes a bite out of during "Pure Imagination" that really got my attention.
Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with edible containers. What’s not to like? Not only do they provide a tasty snack after you’ve finished your beverage, they’re also whimsical, and the ultimate in environmentally friendly barware. With just a little knife work and a bit of scooping, you can transform fresh fruits and veggies into delicious little shot glasses, perfect for filling with coconut water.
Just kidding — we’re going to fill them with booze. Ahead, three edible shot glass ideas, plus cocktail recipes to fill them with.

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