Mayor Ed Lee Crafts A Hilarious Super Bowl Playlist — We Can't!

Okay, we’ve never considered mayor Ed Lee to be a musical connoisseur, especially after that oh-so-memorable campaign video featuring MC Hammer and Brian Wilson. But, if there’s one thing he is — it’s unpredictable, even down to his business cards. So, when he recently released a Super Bowl-themed Spotify playlist, we knew it had to be a riot.
From the played-out Black Eyed Peas' tune “Let’s Get It Started” to Kanye West's classic “Gold Digger” (um, we guess there's a Gold Rush tie-in?) he stays true to his signature Ed Lee-ness by sprinkling in San Francisco-pride tracks, too (courtesy of Tony Bennett, naturally). Heck, there's even a little Destiny’s Child up in there! Ready to kick-off your end-of-week entertainment? We’ve got it right here. And do tell: Will you be blasting this on Sunday?
Playlist and photo: Via Spotify

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