10 Two-Ingredient Recipes Every 20-Something Should Know

Sometimes, when we set out to try a new recipe, it involves way too many ingredients that our pantries are missing. So either we go out and buy a bunch of new stuff (spending way too much money in the process), or we just give up and order Seamless. The latter happens a lot.
That's why we wanted to see if we could make some seriously delicious comfort foods out of just two ingredients — simple, easy, no-fuss recipes. We're not talking two ingredients plus oil, salt, pepper, and a bunch of other stuff. We're talking two ingredients, period.
It sounds impossible, but it's not! With just two staples, you can make Nutella cake, pizza dough, ice cream, pancakes, and a slew of other delicious eats. Get the recipes ahead, and enjoy your mostly-empty grocery-store shopping cart.

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