Don’t Turn On The Stove This Week: 5 Easy No-Cook Recipes

Photographed by Mike Garten.
I have something controversial to say: I haven’t cooked at all this summer. Well, okay, I haven’t turned on the stove or oven. It’s just too H-O-T. When the sky's blue and the sun's shining, I want to spend as little time as possible indoors over a steaming pot. Can you blame me? That’s where these no cook summer stunners come in. Peak season produce bursts with ripe flavor and really only needs a little doctoring to steal the show.
About those fresh-as-can-be ingredients: A just-picked, fire-engine-red tomato and sunny, sweet corn make all the difference. And, as for preparation, raw, seasonal fruits and vegetables don’t need a lot of help. If you have a farmers’ market nearby, visit it and ask for help picking out the ripest produce. Many supermarkets have local, in season sections, too. Once you’re home, it’s the pantry staples that matter. Choose your best olive oil (extra virgin cold pressed is best), flaky sea salt, and fresh-cracked pepper to highlight the produce.
If that flavor foundation is in place, there's no need to cook up something complicated. I'll prove it with the exceptionally easy recipes ahead.

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