This Easy Technique Gives Flat Curls Insane Volume

The universe weeps at the sound of jubilant curls being run through a straightening iron. Using this super-easy hack for accentuating luscious twists, we're breaking down how to give your curls an appreciative bounce. Go forth and slay with the tightest spirals. Watch the video above for the full technique, and try it yourself using the steps below.
Step 1. With an alligator clip, pin back the two inches of hair closest to your part. Then, working with a thin-barrel curling iron, wrap and curl small half-inch sections of hair. Take down the clip, and repeat for curls all over the head.
Step 2. With a teasing comb, rake through the bottom few inches of your curls to break them up. Finish with hairspray for added volume and texture.

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