Easy To-Go Recipes For People On The Go-Go-Go

If one more person tells me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I might slap that person in the face. Look, I know it’s important to start the day off right with a good meal, but my mornings are beyond rushed. No matter how early I wake up, I only seem to have time for an espresso and, well, that’s about it. But maybe, just maybe, if I planned ahead a tiny bit and cooked the night before, I could pre-make my breakfast and put it in a to-go cup to enjoy on my commute to work? This way, when I get to the office and it’s crunch time, my brain will be fired up and ready to carpe diem. Could such a thing be possible?
Here are three delicious ideas for breakfasts that can be made ahead of time, thrown in a mug, and eaten on the go. Because everyone knows the world moves too fast for a sit-down breakfast these days.

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