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I Created 3 Totally Different Beauty Looks Using Only $25 Worth Of Drugstore Makeup

As a beauty editor and serial YouTube-tutorial binge-watcher, I love a good makeup challenge. So when I was recently challenged by Paypal and Venmo to create three different beauty looks using the same $25 CVS makeup haul, I was immediately on board.
There are two things I quickly learned upon taking on this challenge: 1) $25 in beauty products can go a lot of different ways. After perusing all the options in the CVS beauty aisles, I paid with my Venmo QR code and walked out of the store with three colorful items — a coppery eyeshadow palette, a creamy coral lipstick, and a baby-pink matte lipstick.
2.) Limitations, I learned, promote creativity. Only able to work with three products, I found myself innovating way more than I normally would have if I had access to every item in my makeup bag. From using lipstick as blush to brown eyeshadow for faux freckles, I resorted to a few tricks that I had never tried before, and I was pleasantly surprised at the results — and range of the final looks.
See how it all went down in the slides ahead. Plus, if you're feeling inspired to try out this challenge for yourself, we've got a pro tip: Shop your beauty haul in-store at CVS using the PayPal or Venmo QR code payment feature and get $10 cash back on your first purchase.

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