Dree Goes Into the Wild in a Critter-Friendly W Spread

Despite our father's best efforts, we were never really the camping sort. S'mores, hikes, and lakeside lounging were all fun and good, but it was the creepy crawlies and lack of...facilities...that left us voting for beach vacations. Our aversion towards the great outdoors lends itself to our admiration for Ms. Dree Hemingway who does all the things that we couldn't stand to in this month's W: Napping with snakes, napping with leaves, and hanging out with some new-age hippie friends before—ostensibly—going out to nap somewhere else. Styled by the venerable Camilla NIckerson and photographed by Juergen Teller, the soft and grungy editorial (apparently inspired by Woodstock, though we can't really figure out how exactly) makes camping look sort of...fun. Hey Dad, we never said we wouldn't change our minds! (Models.com)

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