This Is Our Jam: Drake (Featuring Lil Wayne), "HYFR"

As families across the world gathered for Passover last Friday, Drake’s newest video for “HYFR” was hitting the internet – a reminder that one of the biggest rappers in the world was, as unlikely as it sounds, also digging into some gefilte fish of his own. “HYFR” purports to show Aubrey Graham’s “re-bar mitzvah” (an event that may actually have taken place), which served as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion. What goes down here, however, is probably a little bit different than the ceremony last October. You know that old joke that goes “Drake, Birdman, DJ Khaled, and Trey Songz walk into a bar mitzvah reception...,” well we finally get to the punchline, and it involves Weezy wearing a panda balaclava and smashing a vase with a skateboard. Hell yeah, fucking right, and mazel tov!
Drake (Feat. Lil Wayne)—Take Care
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