This Is One of the Weirdest Things David Lynch Has Said — & That’s Saying Something

In a surprising turn of events, director David Lynch has tweeted his support for Dr. Mehmet Oz. And, no, this is not a weird twist à la Twin Peaks. The director really does think Dr. Oz. is "a great doctor."
Lynch’s tweet comes after scientists have called for Dr. Oz’s removal from his faculty appointment at Columbia University. This isn’t the first hit against the doc's reputation, either: It’s been estimated that 50% of the facts presented on his show aren't backed by science. In this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver pointed out Oz's odd defense: that because “Dr.” is in small print on the show’s logo, viewers should know it isn't a medical show. What? 
We can’t be sure why Lynch is defending Oz, but the doctor has shown support for the David Lynch Foundation in the past. This writer's personal (and apparently false) theory was that Lynch’s tweet was the first step in a Twin Peaks / Dr. Oz Show crossover. Perhaps the log lady tries goji berries per the doctor’s advice?

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