You Tell Us: Is The “Doll” Look Kawaii Or Creepy?

The doll hair trend is by now a mainstay in Japanese fashion, with some crediting J-Pop star Kato Miliyah with the mainstream-ification of the trend in Asia, but is this "doll look," which includes the meticulously coiffed curls, as well as heavy eye make-up, porcelain skin, and schoolgirl-style dress, finally making waves here in the states? The Daily Mail picked out Caucasian blogger Kota Koti ("real" name: Dakota Rose) who's been gaining a following in Japan, and whose larger-than-life features (and penchant for Photoshop) have won her plenty of admirers and haters (Kota Koti's site seems to be currently down, but you can find her newly launched Tumblr here — warning: upsetting language). [EDIT: The Tumblr is apparently a fake. The link has been removed.]
Nevermind the upkeep required to have doll hair and makeup, but is this trend something more sinister? Though there are plenty of people who warn that this trend contributes to the sexualization of children, The Daily Mail reports that many in Asia see this trend as a glorification of femininity and a rejection of sexuality. Troubling either way, right? Quite frankly, we find the whole doll look disturbing, in an uncanny valley sort of way — plus, we find the lack of imperfections and idiosyncrasies just so boring. What say you? Kawaii-cute or just plain creepy?

Photo: Via Kota Koti


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