5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 27 2012

We wish we could say that this insanely cool tot has the exact same style we did when we were younger. Unfortunately, our parents have the photos to prove otherwise. (BonChic-BonGenre)
What's white and black and red all over? Move over NYTimes, this multi-colored, patchwork-fur backpack from The Row (and its hefty price tag) has the potential to make real headlines. (The Zoe Report)
The new Dolce & Gabbana fall campaign definitely emphasizes the importance of keeping it in the family. We don't know about you, but our last family reunion certainly did not look this good. (Fashion Copious)
No one understands pain like our poor feet after a night in heels. Thankfully, a Missoni and Converse collab has given us, and our paws, a glimpse at a more comfortable fashion future. Who cares if they're intended for men? (High Snobiety)
The Spice Girls reunite for a musical spectacular this December. And all is right in the world. The End. (Elle UK)
Photo: Via BonChic-BonGenre

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