Doggie Bag: Kawakubo for H+M, Disney Endangers Children, and Mallrats

rai_hmRei Kawakubo's collection for H+M is as dark, sharp, and, well, weird as you would expect. (Hypebeast)
And if you can't get enough Scandinavian "quick fashion," here's their newest men's collection. (Hypebeast)
We've said that Soho residents live in a mall, but this couple take it to a whole different level. (Racked)
Disney's panties for pre-teens invite you to "Dive In." No arrests yet. (NYMag)
Wait. People actually pay to get into Fashion Week? Really? (Black Book)
Speaking of Fashion Weeks, New York is so over: It's all about Uganda now. (All Africa)
This ashtray will give you almost as hard a time about smoking as your girlfriend. (Crave)

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