Doggie Bag: Cow Trouble, Pirate PR, and Vivianne on Film

pmlinks0930The woman at the left was arrested for disorderly conduct while wearing a cow suit and chasing children. Just thought you'd like to know. (WLWT)
A Vivianne Westwood biopic? Oh, this is just too good. (Jezebel)
After the Huffington Post revealed the possible secret of Sarah Palin's lips, the Daily News delves into the secrets of her hair. Who's going to unlock the secrets of her brain? (The Cut)
The Dow went up like a gazillion points today, so maybe the world isn't completely fucked. (WSJ)
Nope. Still fucked. (Gawker)
O deer meh, iz it dat tiem ov teh month awredai? Hoorah 4 Ogtober lolvogues!!! (Jezebel)

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