Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Sell (And Buy!) Stuff On Copious

You know that bag of old clothing, shoes, and jewelry just hanging out and taking up space in your closet? The one you're planning on going through to sell (you promise!) or give away to a worthy home. Don't you wish you could get rid of it? Enter, Copious, a super-easy-to-use site that lets you quickly upload pictures of the items you want to get rid of, and wait for the buyers to come a-callin'.
We've really taken a shine to the fact that it connects with every user's Facebook, so your customers can check you out and see you're a legit person, and you can check out prospective new homes for your beloved vintage goods (and maybe handpick the perfect new parent). We've been browsing the site for a while now and are astonished at how consistently low the prices are... though the selection isn't as big as eBay or Etsy, the deals you can score definitely make this site worth checking out. But, you tell copious worth bookmarking?

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