Do You Know The Dirtiest Room In Your Apartment?

Photographed by Julia Robbs.
You love rings — except for that faded, brown one encircling your bathtub drain. You know the one. After all, other chores are a cinch compared to scrubbing on your hands and knees with an abrasive sponge. Removing that ring is a task you'll totally tackle — next weekend. And, a new report by the cleaning service Handy reveals that you're not alone: According to 48% percent of the company's cleaning experts, showers and tubs win the "dirtiest home area" award. (This is particularly scary considering the fact that we go in there to clean ourselves.) As for the most overlooked and under-cleaned item in the home, 37% of pros agree it's the shower curtain. That thing is like a clubhouse for mildew, and it should be switched out on the regular. The kitchen follows the bathroom in terms of dirtiness, and that's not the only place your questionable leftovers are hanging out: 23% of cleaners regularly come across shriveled food in sofa cushions. Well, we're off to order a new shower-curtain liner. (And you better believe we're busting out the trusty Scotch Brite sponge tonight.) Follow this 15-minute bathroom-cleaning guide to get yours done fast — and try these traditional Chinese cleaning secrets for some extra sparkle.

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