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Welcome To Supper Club Season: Here’s What Your Tablescape Is Missing

"Dinner Party" may conjure any number of vivid images for you: the 12 apostles gathered 'round a table of Biblical length, a gaggle of friends dispensing birthday cake on a park blanket, Thanksgiving in all its Chaotic Good. The very nature of the thing is famously wide-ranging — and yet, across the board, the general recipe remains fixed: You'll need people, conversation, and, well, dinner.
Looking back a few centuries, a dinner party likely involved suits of armor and outsized legs of mutton. In more recent history, folks took a decidedly elevated approach (think: paper invitations, dessert forks, palate cleansers). And at present, it would seem we've landed somewhere else entirely: now, "dinner party" makes fewer demands. We need not offer separate spoons for soup nor are we required to joust for our poultry. Which is to say, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to...or, you can simply host however you damn well please.
So, while you go ahead and mood-board your forthcoming soiree, we’re taking care of the easy part. Ahead, we've compiled the most fun, original tablescape necessities on the market. From clever candles and artisanal serving bowls to washable table cloths and coasters, these are the goods that’ll cement your status as host of the century.

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