A Manhattan Woman Sleeps In Bed With Her Pet Rats

Whoever at the
Daily News
found this woman must have simply waited outside a loony bin. Manhattan resident Dianne Rochenski is an ardent animal lover, especially when it comes to America's favorite pet—rats! Vermin they're not, Rochenski insists: "I really think it's exterminators that give them a bad name...it's blood money." You may beg to differ after the close-ups of her bed, which is littered with corn, dog treats (her rats are "vegetarian"), teeth marks, and what looks suspiciously like droppings. But what's cleanliness when religion is involved? Just call the self-professed Catholic the rat whisperer: "When I look at them I can see God in their eyes." And after the squealer's little hearts stop beating, Rochenski carts them upstate—"It's like my pet cemetery up there." Of course, she waits a reasonable amount of time to hold the funeral, if we're going by the case of Reggie, who passed away a month ago but still takes pride of place in Rochenski's kitchen. "His favorite thing is Blueberry yogurt, so he's got a little thing on his mouth, " she says as she rubs his belly. "I give him kisses, I bring him out...his hands are in prayer." If you think we're exaggerating, peep the video below. It's solid evidence why grown adults shouldn't watch Ratatouille.


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