Diane von Furstenberg’s Daughter Directs Movie About Complicated Female Friendships

Tanner Hall has all the hallmarks of every coming-of-age movie. Group of gorgeous girls? Check. Said group of girls rebelling against school-slash-adult rules? Check. Older man who shows one of the girls how to "really live?" Check. Potential falling-out between girls, possibly over the older guy? Check mate. So, why does this film still intrigue us? For starters, the film is co-directed by Tatiana von Furstenberg, who is Diane's daughter. And yes—mama's designs are front-and-center in the film. That alone is enough for us to give it a once-over. The film also stars the beautiful Rooney Mara as Fernanda, and although her narration in the trailer seems a bit stiff and forced, we're intrigued by the film's central plot of Fernanda's best childhood friend coming back into her life and mixing things up in potentially good and bad ways. We've all had that friend who we've simultaneously loved as much as we've hated, the one who pushes us to try new things but who also just loves to stir up shit and cause endless drama, so perhaps this central struggle of friendship is part of the reason why we're so drawn into the film. Other than gorgeous girls and DvF designs, of course. Check out the trailer and judge for yourself—does Tanner Hall resonate with you? (Huffington Post)

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