Designer Hosts Fashion Show In Prison, Has Inmates Walk The Runway

Those who tire of trekking all the way out to Pier 94 should quit their complaining. French designer Sakina M'sa recently held a runway show at a location more inconvenient than the waterfront: A women's prison in Fleury-Merogis, about half-an-hour south of Paris. She got 30 female prisoners to model her line for 90 other inmates in a kind of prequel to her couture collection that she'll be showing in Paris. We're imagining that security wouldn't allow for a full-on Gaga-esque "Telephone" scenario with caution-tape lingerie sets, coke-can hair-rollers, and high-cut briefs, but we're thinking that at the very least, those silver (hand)cuffs are quite trendy. (WWD)

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