Don't Lift A Finger! Manicube's 15-Minute Mani Will Stop By Your Office

Cosmetic house calls are the kind of thing reserved for your basic high-maintenance celebrities and too-busy-to-be bothered jet-setters; the types destined for luxe lifestyles and best described in Robin Leach's vowel-heavy, nasally register, right? Wrong. Just look around and you'll see that New York this land of milk and honey just really isn't paved with VIP lists anymore –– we'll put it this way: post-Sex and the City, even Manolo is mainstream.
Part of this brave, new world of liberty and indulgence for all is Manicube, a Manhattan manicure purveyor done in the same category of convenience as ordering-in, and the same milieu of modern as the press-and-pour cappuccino –– reserve online and manicurists actually come to your office! It's kind of like delivery for your digits: You and your co-workers sign up, select whatever Deborah Lippman, OPI, Essie, or Chanel shade strikes your fancies, and then $15 each buys 15 minutes of prep, polish, and perks.
Manicube definitely knows their market's maxim: a power handshake is best served french-tipped! (NYRacked)
Photo: Via NYRacked

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