London’s Quickest & Tastiest Breakfast Joints

Homemade granola before work is great, but let’s be honest, there’s seldom an occasion when we’ve ever got round to actually making it. Muesli is alright, but if all we’ve got is cornflakes and milk, we can’t hack it: we’ll cut our losses and get breakfast en route. Whilst yes, brekkie on the go might be bit more of an indulgence, sometimes it’s just the incentive we need to drag us out of bed and into the office. Because, if there’s anything that’s going to make us begrudgingly lift our heads off the fluffy pillow, it needs to be something really, really good. Something like a steaming hot bacon sarnie — with extra brown sauce.
Having had our fair share of those "not gonna get out of bed unless there’s something seriously good in it" mornings, we’ve tried a whole lot of London’s breakfasting options. From bagels to fruit pots, and green juices to hangover-fixing sandwiches, we’ve had ‘em all. Ahead, our edit of London’s best on-the-go morning options. Why not skip the cereal this morning?

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