Try This On For Size: R29, Del Toro, & Alexander Mijares — All In One Night

We’ve been pretty much obsessed with Del Toro shoes for some time now, and our growing fixation for this particular brand of footwear has only heightened as collaborative projects have been released. But what’s making us exceptionally slipper happy right now aren’t the goofy-faced smoking shoes à la Man Repeller or Theophilus London’s variation (make no mistake, those are rad, too) instead, it's Del Toro’s latest collab with Miami-born artist Alexander Mijares.
Call it our allegiance to all things Miami or our penchant for one-time-only breeds, but we're so over the moon that we’re co-hosting the unveiling of this limited-edition shoe at Del Toro’s Wynwood showroom this Saturday, October 13 from 6 to 10 p.m., during the well-attended, monthly installation of Art Walk. And yes, you’re invited!
Marking the first of a series of collaborations between Del Toro and new-to-the-scene artists, Matthew Chevallard (the mastermind behind the DT brand) is bridging the gap between fashion and the arts. “It is our intent to channel the developing Miami art scene to our loyal audience," Chevallard says of the project. "It’s also meant to convey the unique nature of our brand, which goes hand-in-hand with the artists we work with in representing their unique movement of individuality."
A marriage of minds for sure, Mijares’ DT slippers (designed with a skull for men and initials for women) haven’t even been unpacked yet and already the pre-orders are pouring in. Heed our warning and arrive early if you hope to get your paws on a pair, only 12 of each were produced.
Photo: Courtesy of Del Toro

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