5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Jul 05 2015

Photographed by Ashely Batz.
Looking to shake up your exercise routine? Take this quiz to see what kind of workout you should try for the summer. 'Tis the season to grill everything in sight. Well + Good has some great tips on how to add greens (one of the trickier grill-able veggies) to your BBQ repertoire. For those of you living above sea level, Shape reports that the canisters of "extra" oxygen that are being marketed to people who work out in high altitudes aren't worth the trouble. Instead, try regular deep-breathing exercises to recover after your workout. The next time you're at the pool, don't just swim laps; try these water-friendly fitness moves. And, finally, a here's a hack just in time for the holiday weekend. If you forgot (try not to forget) to be super-diligent with the sunscreen, follow these five tricks to treat sunburn fast.
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