Bright Or White? Two Equally Charming Decor Ideas

During several recent home and fashion stories, we've spotted a few devoted all-white-everything bed-and-bath lovers on staff ('tis true, this author is guilty of the stark-white rut). So, it seemed like time to tackle this trend head on — especially when, in the midst of winter, it's easy to default to snowy everything, which can feel equally "chilly" with leftover Christmas decor and some choice ski-lodge color palettes thrown into the mix.
None of this is bad, of course. It's all quite lovely, actually. But, for those of us ready for a little electric jolt, let us introduce you to...(drum roll please) color! and pattern! The eye-opening worlds of prints and hues are ready for the taking. But, still not quite ready to let go of the neutral stuff? We feel ya, too. Up ahead, 20 gorgeous, white home-decor finds and their pretty, blushing counterparts for your consideration.

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