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Best of the Week: December 15-19

best-of-week-121908-story.jpg1. Edge of Night: Corsets and Bralettes Make the Season a Little Sexier From the mayhem of the economy to the mania of the holiday, topsy turvy is basically the standard. So if you're wearing a bra as a shirt? Eh.
2. Color Me Sad: Jane Birkin in Wonderwall Jane Birkin: iconic chanteuse, mother of Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Also: can make splashy '60s dresses and insane fluorescent underthings look stylin'.
3. Midnight Express: Party Like It's 2009 in These Unexpected New Year's Looks It's gonna be a new year, yo! Go all-out with some big-bang fashion statements like ruffles, fringe, or heavy chains. Good thing pointy hats and confetti go with everything.
4. Mystery Girl: The Return of Veils Offers an Edgy Spin on an Old
Fashion Friend
Neither mourning dress nor modest bride, the new veil is all modern. It's kinda like sporting funky fishnet stockings, for your face.
5. Red Hot: Maroon Haired Mavens Get Their Due You say ginger, we say red-hot.
6. Elastica! Transform That Old Lim Dress With Some Sleek New Tights Instant jazz to the outfit: color! texture! easy sliding across slick surfaces!
7. Chanel Bag Eschews Leather and Satin for Beef Jerky If necessity is the mother of invention, does that mean we'll have to start fashioning other things from the Stop 'N Shop?
8. Erik Hart: We Hart Erik's Spring '09 Lookbook You gotta have Hart: fitted, high-waisted, and lotsa leg.
9. Hazy Shades of Winter: Linda Farrow Goes Collaboration Crazy It may not be too bright these days (literally, metaphorically, take your pick), but a sunny disposition is inevitable once you get a glimpse of these patterned frames and colorful lenses.
10. On the List: 40 great gifts under $100 Would you have ever thought of a horse cushion on your own? How about a BINGO tournament kit? A bamboo praying Mantis? No, no you wouldn't have.

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