Your December Horoscope Is Here — It’s Time To Put Yourself First

December brings the energetic shift from fiery Sagittarius to earthy vibes as the days and skies are full of MAJOR Capricorn energy.
First, Mercury moves into the sign of the sea goat on December 6th making  communication seem easier, clearer, and more methodical. People will mean what they say, which will be a nice switch from the exaggerations brought on by Mercury in Sagittarius.
On December 9th, romantic planet Venus glides into Capricorn, adding pragmatism and dependability to romantic and financial matters.
December 21st marks the sun’s ingress into Capricorn and the beginning of a new season. The Winter Solstice commences at 4:48 p.m. EST in the northern hemisphere, the same moment the sun changes signs.
The sun’s movement into Capricorn makes us more reflective as we embrace the cozy season and the colder days ahead. The Capricorn new moon on December 23rd sets the stage for the upcoming Mercury retrograde, which focuses on our career paths.
The final Mercury retrograde of 2022 commences on December 29th in Capricorn and lasts until January 18th, 2023. This Mercurial moonwalk is focused on money and career — so don’t throw away any receipts from holiday shopping as there may be many returns. Also, we’ll be reassessing our careers and making decisions for the future based on whether we are respected and happy in our professions. 
December 3rd marks the end of Neptune retrograde, which began on June 28th in Pisces. Illusions, insecurities, and confusion will haunt our intuition and decision making — creating stress and anxiety to persist within ourselves. The full moon in Gemini on December 7th brings more uncertainty our way along with truths stranger than fiction.
Expansive and lucky Jupiter re-enters Aries on December 20th, taking us back to May 10th when the philosophic planet first entered the rambunctious sign. This is the time to bring the focus back on ourselves and work on growing on a personal level. Now, we can be the main character in our lives and stories. We are putting ourselves first as we enter 2023. 
Happy holidays and new year! 

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